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Amsterdam is famous for its 'brown' cafe's or bruin café, so called because over the years, nicotine has stained their walls. Beech wood, warmth and well-worn gezelligheid (a uniquely Dutch type of social cosines) typify the best. Brown bars have a good range of local and national brews, but uncompromising enthusiasts should head to specialist purveyors such as ’t Arendsnest or In de Wildeman; and for fine, locally-produced beer, take a trip to De Bekeerde Suster or Brouwerij ’t IJ . However, there’s much more to Amsterdam’s bars than boozing. Some simply ooze history, like In ’t Aepjen or In de Waag . Others preserve an important Dutch tradition: proeflokaal (tasting houses) specialise in jenever (a gin-like spirit made from juniper berries), brandewijn (literally, burnt - or distilled - wine) and other old Dutch liquors.